Frædag invites Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall (ALFOS | The Woodleigh Research Facility, UK) | G-Ha & Olanskii – Jaeger/Sunkissed/Oslo | R.L.O.C

Legend isn’t a word were likely to throw around, but in describing this week’s guest it’s the only word that applies. Legendary selector, producer and musical tastemaker, Andrew Weatherall is our esteemed guest for this edition of G-Ha & Olanskii’s Frædag. From his classic Primal Scream remix to his recent electronic adventures as The Woodleigh Research Facility, Weatherall has been a prominent figure in this musical landscape since Acid House came to the UK and has made probably some of the most important contributions to this universe from the DJ booth to the studio. G-Ha & Olanskii, Weatherall’s Norwegian counterparts, prep the floor for the visiting dignitary in our basement, where they’ll play a varied selection, while Ricky Late, Oscar Pask, Olefonken and Celius keep it cosy in our lounge.

As a teenager Andrew Weatherall was drawn to pop culture as a whole and absorbed music, clothes, books and film in equal measure. His taste in music was eclectic right from the start and the thrill of discovery overshadowed any need to follow trends. DJing came out of an urge to play records he’d found to people he liked. It started at Danny Rampling’s ‘Shoom’ along with Terry Farley. They soon branched out with sets at Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Spectrum’ and Nicky Holloway’s ‘Trip’ nights. DJing led to production in the form of remixes at first and then as a solo artist and a collaborator and his relevance as a producer and artist has hardly waned since. Every few years he stakes his claim with a new remix or a record that turns the landscape on its head and sweeps the community into a frenzy.

A respected DJ and musical revolutionary, Weatherall has carved out a singular career in British Techno and House music. Always moving at an idiosyncratic pace and negating the popular trends even after he’s created them, Weatherall is a giant in electronic music, both in the studio and in the booth. Since 2016 he’s been exploring sparse electronic efforts as The Woodleigh Research Facility, and in 2017 he released his third only album as Andrew Weatherall, the experimental rock album Qualia. A diverse, eclectic musical personality, an evening with Andrew Weatherall in the booth is unpredictable, exciting and a voyage of eternal discovery.

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