Olle Abstract & Lyd pres.: Melkeveien live | Joggebukse live DJ: Olle Abstract

Melkeveien (Live) | Joggebukse (Live) | Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract ‘s LYD invites Melkeveien and Joggebukse to the basement stage in its second appearance in 2018. The Radio Host and DJ curates a night of music between the stage and the booth with a host of new- and established Norwegian music acts, while Olle Abstract segues a soundtrack from new Norwegian sounds to the great beyond as accompaniment.

Olle Abstract is a DJ with his finger firmly on the pulse of this music, a nonpartisan tastemaker, that is as comfortable in the company of the latest pop sensation as he is sampling the delicacies from House music’s more obscure origins. His monthly podcast, LYD in which he introduces us to new Norwegian music is an imperative part of our ongoing musical education at Jæger and when we do have the honour of his larger than life presence in our booth, we’re always amazed by the versatility of the DJ. His mixes burn through the rings of Space Disco, passes by the lunar stations of Afro-Beat, and gets sucks in to the black-hole of acid into the furthest possible dimensions of House, Techno and Disco.

For this edition of LYD Melkeveien and Joggebukse join the DJ and radio host in our basement for two live shows. Joggebukse make a return to Jæger after debuting their live show at Den Gyldne Sprekk earlier this year. The indie pop group, born out of the ashes of Tuba Tuba lies somewhere between Steely Dan and Kraftwerk and with a Norwegian Disco perseverance they cater to the dance floor. Opening the floor, Joggebukse are followed by the electro-psych group Melkeveien. Tracks like Peter Pan’s Death Wish have found an international audience with their feet firmly planted in the live context and on the stage. The show follows the release of Homecoming on the 13th of April, the first release since 2014 Peter Pan’s Death Wish.

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