Origami Arktika + Beta Minus Boogie Fat - Vandals' Party

Dear friends,

Welcome to our last event before closing our doors: a concert by the fantastic ORIGAMI ARKTIKA!

Entrance: 100 kr (includes concert and food!)

Origami Arktika is a unique ambient folk dub ensemble, creating mystical soundspaces. The sound sources are mostly acoustic, performed on traditional multiethnic instruments such as guitar and other string instruments, melodika, lur, mouth harp, flutes and percussion. They also include a range of found objects, flowers, wood, ice, stone etc. to add that very natural ‘feel’ to their music. Taking on old traditional songs and reframing them in a modernist context. Fixed line-up since 1999, now expanded into an 8-piece ensemble.

“‘What fascinates me about or_/arktika is that in their revolutionary play, they do not denounce their ancestors nor their country, but incorporate tradition in a respectful way, all the while setting old tradition in the context of new technology and thought. It’s a fascinating texture that arises from this process, a texture of stark beauty, tactile hope, and transcendent melancholy.’ – St. Petrol”

Origami Arktika is: Bjarne Larsen, Tore H. Bøe, Rune Flaten, Kai Kobi Mikalsen, Per Gisle Galåen, Kjell Olav Jørgensen and Anne Bang.


Beta Minus Boogie Fat er en skranglete og dronete raga-boogie duo. De
låter litt som om Imrat Khan, Bo Diddley, Roscoe Holcombe og Glenn Branca skulle vært født i samme kropp. Med kun trommer og gitar radbrekker de tradisjoner fra opptil flere kontinenter.

Borgen- trommer


Vandaler forening organises, conducts and facilitates art events with a special focus on experimental, time-based, collaborative and collective practices in relation to landscape, public space and societal issues.

Until closing its doors – plausibly – in June 2018, Vandaler forening has been facilitating the work of hundreds of artists through the past few years.
We are now forced to closure due to the expansion of the neighbour hospital, and the impossibility for Omsorgsbygg and Kulturetaten to imagine the usefulness of art and artists in their new project.

We thank all the amazing artists, musicians, performers, actors and cultural workers with whom we have worked the past years and especially the audience that has been so faithful!


Vandals & Co.

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