Consciousness Talk with Peter Ralston

In conjunction with Peters “Zen Body-Being” workshop in Oslo,

Sted: Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo
100 kr entrance

Peter Ralston works with people to authentically expand and deepen their “consciousness,” and to become more real, honest, and effective human beings. He facilitates people in understanding their own selves and minds, and in becoming increasingly conscious of their own true nature as well as the nature of perception, experience, and existence. He also teaches people about their bodies and how to be most effective in its use, and is the creator of the Art of Effortless Power—a large scope internal martial art using an effortless power to “play” with others, deepening an understanding of effective interaction using such principles as joining, complementing, and leading to create masterful interactive skills.

Ralston’s Consciousness Background

Peter Ralston is one of the founders of the consciousness movement that began in the San Francisco Bay Area—the birthplace for much of the personal growth work generated in the late Sixties and early Seventies. It was here that organizations such as Actualizations, EST, Gestalt, NLP, and many, many others sprang up—a vast range of studies from spiritual and New Age approaches to human transformation, to psychic development, new paradigms in psychology, bodywork, health, and more. Although the pursuits were diverse, the overall spirit was one of breaking free from old ways of thinking and creating more powerful ways to live.

Peter Ralston was fortunate to study with the top facilitators of this groundbreaking era in human potential. He worked for Stewart Emery in Actualizations and helped Werner Erhard create a fundamental shift in his work from EST to developing the Forum. Peter spent thousands of hours in Zen contemplation and has participated in dozens of intensives with Charles Berner, the founder of the Enlightenment Intensive.

After several powerful enlightenment experiences in the early 70’s, and maturing in his work and teaching, in 1977 Ralston opened his own center in Berkeley, California. Coming directly from the source of the emerging personal growth movement, Ralston’s work at The Cheng Hsin School for Ontological Research contributed a powerful new direction, pressing for a deeper level of honesty and a more authentic approach. In both mind work and martial arts, his approach has always been to lead students away from what is merely believed, and toward a powerful personal experience of discovering for themselves what is true.

Ralston has been doing his Consciousness work for decades, facilitating the staff of Lifesprings and of Tony Robbins NLP trainings, as well as workshops for Esalen, Self Actualizations, Empowerment, and many others across the US. Although many know him for his creation of the Art of Effortless Power, and as the author of The Principles of Effortless Power, and Zen Body-Being, he is also the creator of the Empowerment Institute, and the author of Ancient Wisdom, New Spirit, Reflections of Being, and his newest and most powerful works, The Book of Not Knowing and Pursuing Consciousness.

Ralston is an inspired teacher, electrifying his students as he leads them to experience new insights and breakthroughs, transforming their views of themselves and their experience of life.

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