The Power of Love

For many people the meaning of life is love. Love for their partner, their children, their family and friends. In this course we discover the power of this mind of love when we increase it and extend it to more and more people. The mind of love is the source of happiness for both ourself and others. With love we can transform an enemy into a friend. The more love we have for others the happier we will become. When we develop our love to include all living beings our happiness will be unchanging and everlasting.

• Learn meditations to increase your love
• Understand how love is the source of all happiness
• Develop a good heart

Through meditation we can increase the power and capacity of our love. This will bring greater peace and happiness to our life and eventually we will become a friend of the world.

This class will be taught by 3 teachers. Each has experience of the study and practice of meditation. They will give personal insights into the power of love to inspire you to begin and make progress in developing pure and universal love through meditation.

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