Septic Order + Revolver Oslo presents:

PISSGRAVE (US) – Profound Lore Records

Pissgrave aimlessly destroy with their barrage of violent, raw, and depraved death metal. They have earned much praise in the American metal underground, especially after supporting Dead Congregation on a short U.S. tour in the fall of 2014 – which showcased the band’s devastating live set. Their debut release Suicide Euphoria (Profound Lore Records) has been hailed by many as one of the best underground death metal releases of 2015.



Formed in the early summer of 2008, Undergang has since it’s very first breath delivered the heaviest and most filthy Death Metal the fiends involved could possible imagine. With all instruments tuned so low that it almost sounds like greasy, fat sewage trying to escape the drain, assisted by heavy simplistic but characteristic drums to carry the brutal, this neanderthal-like heaviness and disease is now known as the sound of the Kill-Town Death Militia, combining the old Death Metal sound with gory grinding parts and slow doomy passages and soaked in decomposing gurgles and shrieks of agony.

With three albums and several smaller releases and splits, Undergang have since 2008 been playing a lot of shows both nationally and across Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Russia and so forth.

2017 also offered the release of Undergang’s 4th studio album by Me Saco Un Ojo records (LP) and Dark Descent records (CD) in June 2017.


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