Game Night!

Do you ever miss, just….playing?

This BYOBG (Bring Your Own Board Game) event expands to not only host analogue gamers, but also video games, role-playing games, physical games (Kubb, jump rope – you name it) for a fun and relaxed atmosphere of interactive socializing. This free-to-attend event is just to bring people together for something we all need a bit more of in our adult life – playing!

Hosted by in-house nerd Vesna Maric and at Blank Space, the go-to spot for weirdos of all types, we invite you and your friends and family (dogs and babies are welcome too) for a DIY night of fun – bring your own card games, D&D campaigns, VR goggles, dart board – whatever you want to share and play. We will provide light snacks to share, as well as coffee and tea, but you are encouraged to bring your own beverage.

(Please be sure to bring games than can be completed in around 2-3 hours, as we all would like to go home at some point….So no 12 hour dungeon campaigns please ;)

For those bringing video games – we have a large screen and projector and standard HDMI cables. Please bring your own necessary consoles, adaptors, controllers, etc)

No registration required, no fee, no fuss.

This Thursday from 18:00 – 21:00 at Blank Space (Storgata 32!)

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