Reggae Regular presents: SOLO BANTON (UK)


one of the UK’s top ranking and most entertaining reggae mc’s.
His lyrics are full of consciousness and upliftment and also a lot of humour! real edutainment!

Kingstone and friends warm up!

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Solo Banton
After a long career in the reggae music business as a top sound-man and producer, Solo Banton began as a recording artist after linking with Kris Kemist of Reality Shock Records. Kemist persuaded him to jump in the booth & record a track called “The Warning”… the rest is history. Solo is a natural born entertainer & was immediately recognised for his vintage deejay style and intelligent (often comical) lyrical content. He soon found himself in great demand for his musical talents, working with the likes of Jahtari, Mungos Hifi & Dubkasm, recording hit songs like ‘Talk To Me’, ‘Walk Like Rasta’, ‘Old Time Something’, ‘No’, ‘Bun Babylon Coke’, ‘Joke Ting’, ‘Chalice Haffi Blaze’ & many more. In 2010 the debut album ‘Walk Like Rasta’ dropped, followed by the album Higher Levels in 2012; since then Solo has been permanently on the road, touring ever further afield, performing both on sound systems and with Reality Shocks’ resident Upper Cut Band. His live performances have gone from strength to strength, with Solo’s very lighthearted style, his message is easy to understand. Within minutes he has the crowd exactly where he wants them, always leaving the party-goer very satisfied and asking for more Solo Banton.

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