EAU, Savannah Agger (SE): “Places/Spaces”, Sentralen, Oslo


Hans Tutschku, Remembering Japan – Part 1. Hanna Hartman, Black Bat Jorge Gregorio Garcia Moncada, Hüzün Brona Martin, NightEscape Clemens von Reusner, Definierte Lastbedingung Erik Nyström, Latitudes Savannah Agger, Undercurrents

“At first only the point of entry is recognised; beyond lies space. In
time more and more landmarks are identified and the subject gains
confidence in movement. Finally the space consists of familiar
landmarks and paths – in other words, place.” (pp.71 Yi-Fu Tuan 1977)

In acousmatic music both place(s) and spaces(s) are a great source of
inspiration and importance for the compositions to “become” and a
pre-condition for the music to be perceived.

In this concert you will hear a selection of compositions that relate
to place(s) and/or space(s) in many different ways.

Legg til ekstern kalender…