Joyfully entering the New Year – with six-session Tara chanting

Joyfully entering the New Year – with six-session Tara chanting

You are welcome to join us at the Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre for the New Years celebration with a delicious vegetarian buffet and a six sessions Tara practice (You may attend as many sessions as you wish). You do not need to be a Buddhist to join us for the dinner nor for the six session Tara practice. Everyone is welcome.

The practice of the female Buddha Green Tara, is a very special chanted meditation that anyone can engage in and is known to be very effective and powerful in removing obstacles and creating favorable conditions. Normally this time around, we make New Year’s’ resolutions and wishes because we want certain changes in our life, conducive to our own and others happiness. Therefore, we can make requests to the female Buddha Arya Tara, who is the manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas to swiftly help us accomplish this.

In between sessions we will enjoy light food and refreshments, watch some videos of the Kadampa Temple projects around the world and just enjoy each others company.

Do not hesitate to bring family or friends.

Everybody is welcome!


Tara session 1:
03:00 – 04:10

Tara session 2:
07:00 – 08:10

Tara session 3:
11:00 – 12:10

Tara session 4:
15:00 – 16:10

Tara session 5:
19:00 – 20:10

Served from 20:30

Tara session 6:
22:45 – 00:00

New Years Celebration:
00:00 –

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