Close to Cancellation

Fredag 5. April: 17.00 – 19:00

Performance under åpningen av Emilie De Rohan Birkeland, Qi Tan & Emil Andersson, Finn Adrian Jorkjen og Silje Iversen Kristiansen.

Andre Åpningstider
Lørdag: 12.00 – 16.00
Søndag: 12.00 – 16.00

Galleri Seilduken
Fossveien 24, 0551 Oslo, Norway

Puh, we almost didn’t make it. But here it is, for everyone to see.
Dynamic is something that is created throughout practice and hard work. But for now, let’s lower our shoulders for a bit and take a step back and catch our breaths.
Let’s all try to enjoy some art, food and refreshments for when these desperate moments kick in, and let us not be discouraged for when the levels of stress is at their peak.

Silje Iversen Kristiansen ✖︎ Anna Sofie Mathiasen ✖︎ Erle Saxegaard ✖︎ Cara Lien ✖︎ Damla Kilickiran ✖︎ Emil Andersson ✖︎ Emilie De Rohan Birkeland ✖︎ Finn Adrian Jorkjen ✖︎ Kaare Ruud ✖︎ Qi Tan ✖︎ Sahar Seyedian ✖︎ Salomey Asante ✖︎ Viktor Pedersen ✖︎ Katarina Skjønsberg ✖︎ Alberto Rossi

Be our guest! ❤︎

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