Workshop med Amy Pickles: politics of transcription

politics of transcription is a workshop that borrows the name of a paper from Mary Bucholtz, American professor of linguistics and discourse studies. It experiments with techniques in written representations of speaking out loud.

Examples of transcription conventions are dispersed throughout this invitation.

We will use transcribing techniques to think through curator and writer, Jo Melvin’s term dirty matter, which she defines as “elements of research and practice that do not make it into “the ‘clean’ publication. Often overlooked, the dirty or the banal can invigorate. It is transformative in its effect.” (Melvin, J. 2015)

underline emphatic stress or increased amplitude

How can decisions in tone, edit and pace be made visible upon publishing? And (.) pause of 0.5 seconds or less (.) act as tool to confront neoliberal narratives we all perform. (.) Reveal our unclean selves. (.) For Melvin, dirty matter “adds inflection and nuance to the historicized account, and by establishing a vivid reconnection, it reanimates the original product and purpose of both.” (ibid)

The workshop will first involve reading out loud edited source material in English. This will be followed by exercises to re-choreograph both source material and personal writing. We will make scores for reading, speaking < > uncertain transcription your chosen communication.

Please bring with you, one short text (or extract) you have written that does not read well.

politics of transcription will be followed by a secondary workshop on June 28th, which will look at conventions in acoustic models used in training speech recognition technology to question normalisation, standardisation and generalisation of language, particularly within a contemporary art context.

Aural material from both workshops will go towards a hybrid publication made with Willem de Kooning Academy, platform to be launched in September 2019. Authorship will be collectively discussed in the workshops, and individual consent will always be asked for. The team involved are amy pickles, designers and researchers Cristina Cochior and Julie Boschat Thorez, editor Kate Briggs and producer Kimmy Spreeunwenberg.

Amy Pickles er en av de utvalgte deltakerne i Hordaland kunstsenters gjesteprogram i 2019/2020. Du kan lese om de andre deltakerne her.

Melvin, J. (2015) Holes in the Archive – To fill or leave, that is the question…Bright Light (2) [online] pp. 65-74. Available at:… [Accessed: 5 June. 2019]

Bucholtz, M. (2000) The Politics of Transcription. Journey of Pragmatics 32 [online] pp.1439-1465 Available at:… [Accessed: 5 June. 2019]

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