Meditation for Relaxation (Norwegian)

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. When our normal distracting conceptual thoughts cease we discover that a feeling of happiness and contentment naturally arise from within. Learning to connect to our inner peace is essential for developing a happy life. When we learn to meditate, we will increase our inner peace and sense of well-being day by day until we can be happy all the time.

21st August week 1 – Breathing + Concentration = Peace

28th August week 2 – Breathing Ourself to Happiness – 9 Round Expelling Impure Winds Meditation

4th September week 3 – Breathing in the Good, Breathing out the Bad

11th September week 4 – A Mantra for Inner and Outer Peace

Course fee: (4 weeks): 290, Drop-in: 90,-

The Teacher
Vemund Skulberg is a student on the Foundation Programme.

He has been studying meditation for several years.

He share practical methods to use meditation in to solve everyday problem.

He is known for his gentle manner and loving-kindness.

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