Meditation for Busy People (Norwegian)

Wouldn’t you love to get into meditation, if you only had the time? Kadampa meditation practices are perfectly suited to our busy modern lives: rather than emphasising long retreats, we can integrate positive ways of thinking into our daily routines, and by doing this we hold onto the peace we collect during meditation so that even just a small amount of meditation goes a long way.

Learn meditations that awaken your potential for a still and peaceful mind. Overcome negative and distracting thoughts through the practice of mindfulness and concentration.

9th October week 1 – Developing a Stable Mind

16th October week 2 – The Clarity of a Peaceful Mind

23rd October week 3 – The Peace of Concentration

30th October week 4 -Achieving Deep Inner Peace

6th November week 5 -Freeing Our Mind

Course fee: (5 weeks): 360, Drop-in: 90,-

The Teacher
Vemund Skulberg is a student on the Foundation Programme.

He has been studying meditation for several years.

He share practical methods to use meditation in to solve everyday problem.

He is known for his gentle manner and loving-kindness.

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