EROTICA: The art of love, nature, and dick drawings

In August 2019, Blank Space offers up some beloved controversy and talks about sex – not just the birds and the bees, but the nitty gritty of erotica. This sex heavy world of art encompasses all sorts of primal instincts in our otherwise civilized minds – from romantic novels to bathroom stall dick drawings, to plaster casts of vulvas and exploring the overwhelming world of kink. This exhibition leads the exploration on the taboo of our bodies, how we connect to each other, and what fits where.

This exhibition is meant to be inclusive of all types, genders, preferences, kinks, normies, backgrounds, and desires. We work to make sure this exhibition is representative of the extreme spectrum that sexuality is, and to make sure no one feels left out – whether they are a veteran sex unicorn or budding with their own confusing feelings.

This exhibition is Blank Space’s 4th annual Open Call exhibition, where we give artists around the world, no matter the style, background, or skill level, a fun way to show off their work. We estimate over 150 pieces of art, from over 20 countries and 80 artists spanning illustration, comic books, literature, painting, video games, sculptures, performances, textile art, and more.

Come celebrate life and love on August 9th, where we will have live performances and games all night.

About Blank Space:
Founded in 2013, and located in the iconic Gunerius building, Blank Space offers 530kvm of “why-not” focused opportunities across the visual art and design community, helping individual hobbyists to influential established artists alike.

Our organization focuses on bridging the gap between people and artists, and we offer a variety of opportunities for audiences through projects that are well organized, engaging, and authentic to the community we serve – working in the arts requires a special relationship to the out-of-the-ordinary, and we are experts in blending imagination with a grounding connection to reality.

We offer a full international gallery, workspaces for more than 50 designers, a comprehensive educational division which produces, on average, 17 events a month, and a full support system for artists of all colors through our podcasts, public speaking, portfolio reviews, and everything in between.

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