Home Planet: It's All Relative

In an age in which traditional patriarchal family structures are in question, and in which science and technology allow us, increasingly, to take a deterministic stance on behaviour, personality and social interaction, what is the meaning of biological relation? What are the pros and cons of demystifying familial ties?

Isonians do not live in families according to biological relation – they are assigned family groups according to a process of profiling. The process is not authoritarian – personal preference is key. They are perplexed by the system of biologial ties that is used by the people of the Earth. How is it possible for groups of such incompatible people to get along?

As a gesture of mutual cultural exploration, they are organising an open session in which they will expose the workings of their own family-selection process to the people of the Earth. People of the Earth are invited to try it out, as a temporary exercise, to experience what it might be like to choose your own family.

It’s All Relative is a chamber event taking place during the performance and living installation Home Planet, providing a scheduled meeting between the People of Earth and the travellers from the planet of Isona. The travellers from Isona are played by a group of people who are participating in the full performance, living in a building in the centre of Oslo four days in October, exploring the city and culture of Oslo. Buying a ticket for the chamber event It’s All Relative will also give you the opportunity to visit the Isonian’s base location.

Participation does not require any preparation, and you will learn everything you need to know in order to participate after arriving on the location. You don’t have to perform in front of anaudience, but you (and other participants) are an integral part of the chamber event and will be asked to embody yourself, a person from the Earth.

Designer of It’s All Relative is Kesia Harriet Guillery.
Part of Oslo architecture triennale

The event might be photographed/filmed for public use.

Read more about Home Planet here.

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