Exhibition by Liv Csilla Wallace

Galleri Neuf presents “Fjerne venner og nære fremmede”, an exhibition by Liv Csilla Wallace.
Vernissage Thursday 07.11.19 // 18.00 – 20.00 at Galleri Neuf – Chateau Neuf

Other opening hours:
Friday 08.11.2019 – 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday 09.11.2019 – 15:00-17:00
Sunday 10.11.2019 – 15:00-17:00

Artist talk – Sunday 10.11.19 // 16.00

Liv Csilla Wallace is situated in Bergen, and is still in high school where she studies media and communications. She was named talent of the month in July at TRAFO

The exhibition is a series of acrylic paintings. The inspiration for this series is strangers and their relationships. It has always fascinated Liv how you can walk past a person in a cafe or on the street corner and the memory can either disappear within the next ten seconds, or you can walk around for weeks thinking about just these few seconds. She says that this happens to her almost every time she leaves the house. This series of pictures is therefore one recreating that memory with all these strangers she have seen in Bergen. The names of the paintings are the places in Bergen where she saw the people who inspired every image.

Liv says:
«I want to present the thoughts I am left with from the moment, as it looks after it has
marinated inside my mind for a few days, not the moment itself. I think you can find out a lot about a human being in a few seconds and build on what you learn, and then create a whole new person. My goal with this series is to make people more aware of those around them, think a little longer and be more open to others. I have always seen myself as a listener and observer and it has helped me to understand people better.»

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