Viviankrist//Skitzosatan//Epikurs Euforie//Cowboy Nilsen// DJ's

Welcome to this club, this Epic Electric Evening Night

Playing this night is Skitzosatan, Viviankrist, Epikurs Euforie, DJ shabby jente lang chic duo and Cowboy. And not necessarily in that order.

We play loud in a constructed tent. Our physical appearance is hidden so that the offensive sound image and the fragile installation combined with lyrics of «Jeg vil ha en liten hund» and Stiffi’s well known «Gi Meg Det Jeg Vil Ha/Respekt». We write songs which mostly contains stories about our lives as young women: in the art world and in love life, as poor and mentally unstable. We want to influence the audience by making sure you can hear us, and you to do as we say. We don’t want your love or charity – we want respect and small dogs. It is 2019 and it’s time you do as we command. We are Skitzosatan and who the fuck are you?

Oslo artist Viviankrist, formerly known as Vivian Slaughter from Japanese Black Metal/Doom/Crust/ Punk band Gallhammer. Viviankrist delves deep into her love for analog synths and improvised music, switching effortlessly between cinematic, hypnotic and affecting grooves, later adding modular synthesisers to open a new frontier in Rhythmic Noise and Experimental Electronics.
First album came from Cold Spring early this year, also summer 2019 saw the release of ‘Cross Modulation’, via a collaboration between Diagonal Records and Ritual Productions.

DJ shabby jente lang chic
We’ll play tunes in the night time.
Entertain u and hypnotise u into a good mood.
Thats it.

This person makes a lot of music and is finally ready to play all the new material live.…

Epikurs Euforie moves in crisis between rock and pure electrical noise. A frustratingly unpredictable constellation, a fragile atomic structure that alternates between gas and liquid. The group has since starting in 1996 consisted of a number of musicians and various musical expressions. For the past 15 years, Mr. Europ, Nice Jallaba & Hansrex have been the core of the band.

Entrance Hausmannsgate 34 (by Kafe Hærverk)
CC: 50kr before midnight
100kr after midnight

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