A Good Life and a Good Death

Half-day Course with Gen Dragpa

One thing is certain, we are all going to die. Although this is for many a taboo, and an uncomfortable truth, talking about and contemplating death (our own, and others’) has many benefits. In Buddhist teachings we find detailed explanations on what happens with our body and mind when we die. These teachings can help us to deal with our own impermanence and the loss of our loved ones. By remembering death and impermanence we can lead a meaningful life and prepare for a calm and peaceful death. Gen Dragpa will also give some practical advice on how to help the dying to ease their passing.

This course is taught by Gen Kelsang Dragpa. He is the Resident Teacher at Nordic KMC, and National Spiritual Director for the Nordic Region. He has been practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for many years and has been an ordained monk since 1993. His way of teaching is very practical and easy to understand.

Everybody welcome
No need for any special clothing or equipment. No previous experience is required. You can sit on a chair or on a meditation cushion.

Session 1: 10-11:15
Session 2: 11:45-13:15

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