speakerspeaker double launch: on silence & failure

A collaborative event with Lydgalleriet, being live streamed here: https://youtu.be/EawXChXjLdY

Join us for the launch of two new speakerspeaker journals and for an evening of live performance, readings, sounds and listening as we navigate around the topics of silence & failure
questioning: how could silence be a place of resistive possibility? and what are the boundaries of success?


Sound-work listening session with Magdaléna Manderlová
Dance and voice performance with Lisa Colette Bysheim & Putli Hellesen
Performative reading with Robert Carter & Pedro Riva
Sound performance with Emilie Wright
Sound-work listening session with Hanne Lippard
Performative reading with Danja Burchard
Performative reading over zoom with Salomé Voegelin
DJ set with Said Warya

Both new journals will be available for sale, also t-shirts made by Sigrid Lerche.
speakerspeaker is a platform for experimental writing, conversation & sound artwork exploring urgent topics through a collection of voices.

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