Online Performance - Koppen & Jorkjen - Soft Awakening

We would like to invite you to our performance SOFT AWAKENING streamed live on our Facebook-page in collaboration with Mellem Rummet.
Date: Saturday the 16th of January, 19.00 in Oslo time.
This event marks the opening of our third solo exhibition, SOFT AWAKENING, at Heimdal Kunstforening that will be open for the public from Sunday 17th of January until the 7th of February.

“It’s been a while since the ripe fruits dropped their tiny pearl shaped seeds. One day we’ll shake off the winter. We will sprout and stretch our tiny little arms towards the sun. We will wake up together once again, run out the door, wave our brightly coloured sticks in an endless parade and feel the warm breeze against our skin.
While we wait, we’ll continuously cleanse our hands, bake bread like our ancestors. In solitude we knead the dough at dawn. Does your father happen to be a baker?
This day is two minutes longer than the day before. You this feeling of standing still, but below our feet the Earth is still moving. You might glimpse a streak of light along the horizon.

Koppen & Jorkjen is a Norwegian performance duo consisting of Henrik Koppen and Finn Adrian Jorkjen. They make ritualistic performances, installations and radio plays that becomes a part of their own ever growing and queer mythology.
SOFT AWAKENING is supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Trondheim kommune, Mellem-rummet and Heimdal Kunstforening.

Photo: Josh Lake

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