Short Form Improv Workshop with Terje Brevik

This workshops is dedicated purely to learning and playing short form improv games, in a fun and safe way!

In other words, you’ll learn and play A LOT of fun shortform games in this five hour workshop!
Improv games are perhaps best known from the improvisational comedy television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. They’re super funny and you don’t have to be Ryan Stiles or Colin Mochrie to play them! Just be you!

The workshop will cover:

  • The rules of the game for many different games.
  • How to play the games.
  • How to use one game to discover a new game.
  • How to ask for, and use audience suggestions.

As always: safety first, meaning among other things you’re free to participate as much as you’d like.

This workshop is open for all levels, no experience needed. All games will be adapted to your experience level. It will be taught in English, but you can perform in Norwegian or whatever language that works best for you. Even made up ones.

If you have any requests for games you want to play please let us know in advance, so we can add that to the list of games to play this day!

Duration: 5 hours (11-16)
Price: 666 NOK

Terje Brevik is an improviser from Norway, the land of trolls, fjords and the midnight sun. He’s been teaching improv since 2014.

He could have put the following in his bio:

  • founder of Tøyen Impro, an Oslo-based improv school for everyone!
  • co-founder, former director of and doer of almost everything at Impro Neuf. He led a bunch of nerdy friends in a basement into the biggest and most inclusive improv community in Norway.
  • founder of the Oslo Impro Festival.
    having taught and performed in Belgium, the Netherlands, US, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, Russia and Denmark.
  • have the dumbest tattoo ever. This is not a bit.

But he won’t. He’s too decent, handsome and modest.

He could also mention that his ideas, style, or taste comes from a broad and diverse range of sources such as the Annoyance, Pack Theater, iO Theater, Keith Johnstone, Groundlings and more.

But he won’t. He’s too honorable, dapper and stupendous at googling synonyms.

He will however treat you like a rock star. Because that’s what you are!

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