Utstilling: Hildur Hermannsdóttir

Hildur Hermannsdóttir
Divulge / Afhjúpun / Røpe
a multi-media solo exhibition
11.-21. November 2021

“Coming out from complete darkness, depression, insanity and fear, this exhibition represents the revelation of personal freedom in breaking away from her own fears. One year ago, I was in a mental hospital planning on taking my own life, and since then a complete transformation has taken place within me. I have never had a solo exhibition before, as I was always too afraid, as I was trapped within the chains of my own fears. I have been sexually assaulted and brutally beaten… But nothing is worse than the trap of your own mind. Through these paintings and video art I am tending to personal wounds and letting go as I step out of darkness and into light. Healing childhood trauma, spiritual and sexual awakening are the main objects of focus in my debut solo exhibition.”
- Hildur Hermannsdóttir

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Born in 1982, Hildur grew up in a small town in Iceland, and from an early age she began mass producing drawings. “I have been creating art since I can remember. If I don’t create art, I die.”
Hildur was the black sheep of her family, and did not do well in school due to undiagnosed ADHD and Dyscalculia. By age 19, she was doing a lot of drugs and nearly lost her mind, so she was sent to rehab in 2001. Six years later in 2007 with an outstanding portfolio and no college degree she managed to get into the Iceland University Of The Arts where she graduated with a BA in graphic design in 2010. Her final project made headlines on national television through the Icelandic RÚV news program ¨Kastljós,¨ which made a segment about her and her project “Veikyndi,” a teddy bear concept she had developed featuring sick teddy bears for sick children. The project even made international headlines.
Hildur moved from Reykjavík to Oslo, Norway in 2011, where she studied illustration at Høyskolen Kristiania and eventually won the prestigious award Gullspiren 2018 for being the best within her field. Hildur formed the techno-punk band Sinnep in 2017, and became a singer and songwriter in the band which became known locally for their visually stimulating concerts. Hildur designed costumes, the band’s logo and merchandise. Active for just one year, Sinnep performed eight concerts. Hildur also made a stop-motion animation music video for the band’s song “Oslo S” as her final project from her the school Høyskolen Kristiania.

From 2018 until Autumn 2020, Hildur was on a downward mental spiral which concluded in a breakdown that October. She has worked hard on her mental health, with a new life vision, strength and hope as she is no longer afraid to finally about to launch her debut solo exhibition.

“I know where my creative talents come from, my mother and grand-mother passed them onto me. For that I am grateful. My father, on the other hand, gave me attitude.”

Hildur Hermansdóttir currently lives in Oslo with her two children.


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