No Escape and Femme Brutal are teaming up to make an evening of feminist punk and experimental noises at Kafe Hærverk. Together No Escape and Femme Brutal want to create solidarity and collaboration between Polish- and Norwegian-based feminists and queers. Thru mutual exchange of ideas, events and music we can find inspiration to keep on fighting against patriarchy.
On stage this evening will be Siksa(PL), ZLE OkO(NO/PL), Lydia Brunch(NO) and ÜSEØYOTⒶ(DE/PL).
There will also be a screening of the film «Ingrid» made by Joanna Olichwer & Justyna Stokowiec with artistic supervision by Konrad Śniady.
During the concert there will be a fundraising for Ukraine 🇺🇦
Entrance 120/170 nok 💰
Doors open: 19:00.
Siksa is a Polish slang word for a naive and sexually attractive young woman. It is also the band name adopted by two artists — spoken word poet and punk singer Alex Freixeit and bassist Buri — who have become adept at making certain sections of Polish society uncomfortable. Following a provocative performance at the OFF Festival in Katowice, where the band sported satirical outfits by young designer Tomasz Armada and spoke with trademark honesty about misogyny, they landed on the cover of popular women’s weekly Wysokie Obcasy. From there, their profile has only risen. SIKSA offer a powerful, radical leftist, and feminist voice that has shaken the Polish underground scene with its raw message of vulnerability and fierce defiance. They save their most pointed criticism for the patriarchy, standing against the omnipresent violence against women and LGBTQIA + people that remains acceptable in Poland in even the most “cultured” of environments. The Calvert Journal spoke to the duo about the transformative power of art and activism.
is the one-woman project of Olga23 from Warsaw (PL), activist, an industrial/punk graphic artist, author of collages and former bassist of DNO (a downtempo punk), who currently lives in Oslo. This is digital agony and apocalypse, drone downtempo, the cawing of crows, and the howling, whining sirens generated using Lyra-100 – an analogue Russian electronic instrument made using the DIY method. Last year, ZLE OkO /EVIL EYE made her debut with “Cicuta”, where echoes of early 90s industrial are mixed with conceptual, feminist anarcho-punk from Crass Records, and a uniquely Polish element – especially in the lyrics, filled with mediaeval pagan motifs and the stench of witches burned at the stake. The sound layer is dominated by ghoulish samples from YouTube and authoritarian broadcasting stations, such as the Polish state TV. This is Złe Oko’s response to the darkness of the Polish Middle Ages – which seem to have made a contemporary comeback. In her new productions, Olga veers towards shamanic, dark trap at the same time exploring the depths of dubbed bass of sampled didgeridoo.
– nickname of Kostja (ex – Super Girl Romantic Boys) or Konstanty Usenko – the activist, the composer, cellist, the author of the three books about the soviet and russian underground music history. His DJ sets have no rules – he loves mixing up different styles. For wednessday event he prepares intense anti-war mix playlist – from 80s anarchopunk/wave to grime and crazy electronic beats from different parts of the world (former USSR , Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa)
Lydia Brunch is a noise duo from Oslo who plays electronic music with poetry. Inspired by No-Wave and Science-Fiction they creates conceptual stories for each concert. Often with the perspective of the underdog we try to create soundscapes to capture the uneasy feeling we get from living in the antropocene.
Short-film om Ingrid Frivold / Frvldz by Joanna Olichwer & Justyna Stokowiec/ artistic supervision by Konrad Śniady.
The film was made during the WE DO Festival, Oslo 2021.
A warm story about the power of music and its contagious energy that takes the viewer to the pink tunnel of dreams. This short documentary is showing the process of preparation for a magical show by one of the most famous Norwegian artists, Ingrid Frivold, known for combining acoustic trumpet and electronics. Music is for Ingrid an emotional space – something that gives grounds for being authentic and genuine in her artistic practice. She lives in a self-created world, where all the elements can be designed and controlled by her. The film’s images interweave extremely intimate moments with a thrilling artistic creation. INGRID is the main character´s reflection on her own life stages, provoking the viewer to go beyond a simple understanding of what it means to be an artist.

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