Tøyen Impro Summer School for Adults, 25.–29. July

Welcome to Tøyen Impro’s first ever English language Summer School for adult beginners!
This is our fifth year organising such courses, and they are definitely the highlight of every summer!

Who is it for?
Anyone who is curious about improvisational theatre and is above the age of 18!

Anybody can do improv. It’s all about fun, play and learning the basic tricks of unlocking spontaneity and creativity – all without any scripts! Just like life.

Whether you’re an experienced improviser or an absolute beginner, the Summer School is made for you – especially if you like to have fun!

The Summer School runs for 5 days, from 10am to 4pm. There are a limited number of spots.
Please see our website for further information and links to registration:


Over the course of five summer days you will receive a thorough and playful introduction to improvisational theatre – all conducted in a safe and inclusive environment.

Everyone can do improv. With our approach, you’ll soon discover that creating engaging stories in the moment is all about teamwork, having fun and supporting each other.

There’s no need to try to be funny – we will teach you how to discover the fun together! And it’s always really fun.


The Summer School is an entire week of play, laughter and a sense of achievement.

Through a variety of games and exercises, performed either as a group or in pairs, you will learn all the tools needed to perform improv. Do you dream of a career in drama or comedy, or maybe you just want to challenge yourself and pick up some inspiration for your next office party? – we’ll prepare you for the task.

And the best thing is, there is no pressure to perform at all!


Your well-being is our main priority.

This means we practice saying YES to the activities you wish to participate in, and NO to those you would rather not. And you’re always allowed to change your mind.

Nobody need be embarrassed, venture out of their comfort zone or perform in front of an audience if they would prefer not to. And that’s always OK!

We create a supportive environment where you’re free to challenge yourself as much as you want. Improv is about play, and play is voluntary.


Everything we do is focused on creating joyful, meaningful experiences in life. Improv skills are life skills, and we are confident that you will discover for yourself how what we practise relates to areas of your own life.

We are always delighted to hear how previous participants feel more confident in their own ability to be creative and communicate; more capable of handling social situations, presenting and speaking in public. And, most importantly, we hope our course will help you become a more confident and capable person.


The course is suitable for all adults above the age of 18, regardless of experience. If you have never done any form of drama or theatre before, that’s no problem. We mean it – improv is for everyone!


Welcome to the most fun you can have in Oslo this summer!

Please see our website for further information and links to registration:

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