Tøyen Impro Intro to musical improv @VULKAN (EN)

A social, safe and fun introduction to musical improv!
Intro class for beginners over 18!

Improvising musicals is super scary – but incredibly fun and rewarding!

In this workshop we will introduce you to the basics of using music in improvisation. We take a bottom-up approach, focusing on listening and finding inspiration in music, playing with rhythm and rhyme, and gradually building our way up to singing and performing.

Improvising songs is almost cheating. With a bit of practice anyone can do it, but the audience will be incredibly impressed every time! This workshop will equip you with the basic skills of musical improv that will make you seem like a pro compared to most other improvisers ;)

At the end of the workshop I guarantee we will have improvised some incredible songs and had a bunch of fun!

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