SONISK SELSKAP 16 OKTOBER Konsert DeltaJazzLand ledet av David Pavels Dans av ImproLaBergen

What happens when we invite a musician to put together a completely new ensemble and improvise in Wrap’s AV Lab, with a full technical crew and great recording equipment, then throw seven contemporary dancers and some real-time video wizardry into the equation for a final 30 minutes that are open to the public (live at Wrap and streamed to Youtube)?
Sonic Selskap does just that, providing musicians the unique opportunity to capture those magical moments that so rarely happen on demand in more formal studio settings.

Guitarist and band leader, David Pavels is Sonic Sheriff for this edition of the project, entitled DeltaJazzLand and he is interested in exploring a minimalistic combination of delta blues and jazz with drone-based and psychedelic elements with drums/percussion, bass, guitar, trumpet and harmonica.

Tor Bjarne Bjelland – drums & percussion
Torbjørn Hillersøy – bass
Are Ovesen – trumpet
Nave Pudnik – harmonica
David Pavels – Guitars

Dancers (ImproLaBergen):
Meg Dodini
Monica Reksten
Roskva Yasmin Andersen
Rita Maria F. Munoz
Anaïs Carreras

Choreographic scores/ dancers:
Malin Nøss Vangsnes
M. Veronica L. Robles Thorseth

Technical Crew:
Chief Sound Engineer – Leo Preston
Assistant Sound Engineer – Elaine Maltezos
Cameras and video-over-network – Øystein Nesheim
Streaming – Jonas Skarmark
Technical Manager – Leo Preston

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