Frædag: Tiga (Turbo-Killer/CAN)

Frædag: Tiga

Tiga | g-HA & Olanskii | Of Norway | Øyvind Morken

The ultimate pleasure from the bass arrives when Tiga hits the basement for Frædag. In one of the most anticipated bookings of 2023, we add yet another GOAT to the Frædag alumni with an artist that set much of the tone for the Electroclash era and beyond, largely on the back of his skills in the booth. Starting with Sunglasses at night, but with nascent clubbing ambitions reaching as far back as the original Goa wave, Tiga’s chameleonic approach to club music is entangled in his DNA. Frædag hosts or guest of honour in the basement with g-HA & Olanskii while Of Norway talkies on duties in the sauna.

#electro #techno #electroclash

Sauna: Of Norway + tba
Diskon: g-HA & Olanskii + Tiga

cc: 150kr /200kr

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ID: 20


How does one begin to write about Tiga? Where to even start on a long road marked with notable checkpoints? What can be told that can’t be tallied in raw statistics (which he’s a total stickler for), or an unfurled parchment scroll of places gone and plaudits won? The duality of a life split between aspirational popstar and touring deejay falls short: by this point in time he’s lived dozens of lives, let alone a mere two. Frankly the only claim that doesn’t wash is that of being in a legacy mode – because that, to him, denotes the cardinal sin of coasting. And that just won’t do.

The core engine pushing Tiga forward is ambition. It’s there, everywhere: at the dials in any given club in any given city in any given country on any given weekend; burning the midnight oil in the Research & Development wing of his career control centre, crisp shirt sleeves rolled, assessing and strategising over his next move; with his feet up on the gleaming glass desk in the penthouse office of Turbo Towers, gold plaques of decade-dominating dancefloor delights flanking him – it’s there. Self-aware, well-moderated, yet totally unrepentant ambition.

Of Norway

Of Norway is a duo from Oslo, Norway with releases and remixes on labels such as Connaisseur Recordings, Darkroom Dubs, My Favourite Robot, Supernature, Suruba, Skint, Secret Life and Soma, to mention a few. They have released one album on Connaisseur and have another one coming up for the same label in 2017.

Of Norway’s live & DJ sets has taken them to play legendary clubs like Fabric (London), Tresor, Bar25 / Katerholzig / KaterBlau (Berlin), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Pfingstweide (Zürich), Propaganda Club (Moscow) and many more

g-HA & Olanskii

Two pivotal bodies in the sphere of Norwegian electronic music, g-HA & Olanskii are an event, a club, a DJ duo, and a musical authority for Norway. Individually adept as DJ, selectors and tastemaker, Ola “Olanskii” Smith-Simonsen and Geir “g-HA” Holger’s musical voices unified for Sunkissed, an events series that has become the backbone of Oslo’s electronic music scene and beyond.

Øyvind Morken

Oslo`s Øyvind Morken (pronounced Oy-vind) has a unique ability to play everything from A to Z of what genres concern. Working the dance floor in the most unexpected ways. For the last nine years he has held down a residency at Jaeger. Eight of them weekly under the Untzdag banner, a wordplay for Onsdag, Norwegian for Wednesday. It became an institution in Oslo. Drawing in a crowd of open-minded party freaks for nights of wild abandon, and where musical diversity and self-expression was encouraged.

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