Jono El Grande & The Luxury Band: KUNSTROCK-OPERA

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  • Historiske ElGrande-schlägere

The Luxury Band:

  • Vokal, bariton – Bård Bratlie
  • Sopran- & tenorsax – Erik Løkra
  • Bass – Eivind Henjum
  • Marimba & perkusjon – Håkon Stene
  • Tangenter – André Bongard
  • Trommer – Terje Engen
  • Gitar, kazoo – Jono El Grande

“The music of Jono El Grande is neither electronic nor improvised. It is in fact extremely well composed and arranged for an expanded rock band, the instrumentation of which is highly similar to Frank Zappa’s “Small Wazoo” band. And the music itself is strongly reminiscent of Zappa’s “big-band” writing on ”The Grand Wazoo” and ”Waka/Jawaka”. Those are pretty strong comparisons to make, and the fact that ”Fevergreens” holds up to them is the best compliment anyone can make. But El Grande also adds a delightful touch of cheesy Tropicalismo lifted in part from genuine Cuban and South American music, but also from the easy listening renditions of Latin music styles. After the first four fast-paced and exciting numbers, “Cuban Serum” comes as a shock. The listener is not ready. But by ”Chá!” one understands how El Grande balances satire and pure enjoyment of the genre, much like Zappa truly loved doo wop. And the band plays those syrupy passages so beautifully, you can’t help but fall in love with the music. One of the biggest surprises of 2003, this album deserves the highest recommendation for anyone who enjoys serious music that doesn’t take itself seriously." ─ All Music Guide (US), om albumet Fevergreens

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