Unlimited Management presenterer: Daevid Allen's University of Errors play Vintage Soft Machine, Europa Turné 2008

Daevid Allen er ingen ringere enn grunnleggeren av legendariske Soft Machine og Gong. Denne kvelden er han booket inn til Garage i Bergen. Garage presenterer stolt grunnlegger av Soft Machine og Gong, og vil levere en fantastisk musikkopplevelse sammen med sitt University of Errors. Denne kvelden vil publikum bli gitt en “mind blowing” framføring av gammelt Soft Machine materiale i nytt og stolt ansikt.

Turné pressemelding:

UofE Plays Vintage Soft Machine !!!

Over 40 Years ago Daevid Allen founded Soft Machine in order to inject the rock world with the avant jazz and beat poetry he loves. He was with that band for a year and a half before his being denied entry back in England put them on separate paths: Soft Machine in one direction and Daevid back to Paris to form Gong.

Now all these decades later Daevid’s band University of Errors revisit those psychedelic days and the songs of the original Soft Machine. Daevid sings them with a renewed passion and joy for the new century.

2008 finds University of Errors doing extensive touring to support their releases “Jet Propelled Photographs” (Cuneiform CD RUNE 188) and the brand new debut DVD “Daevid Allen’s University Of Errors Play The Soft Machine: Live in Amsterdam 2006” (Voiceprint unGONGDVD001).

The core of University of Errors, Daevid, Josh Pollock, and Michael Clare are celebrating their 10th Year together and 6th year with drummer Warren Huegel.

Daevid Allen’s career has been well documented over the years. It began in the late 50’s in Paris experimenting with tape loops with Terry Riley and doing music for performance works with William Burroughs. The early 60’s found him in England working with teenaged Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers and Hugh Hopper, which eventually became Soft Machine. Along with Pink Floyd they were the most influential bands in the UK Psychedelic scene of 1966-67, and Jimi Hendrix’s favorite band. Daevid left Soft Machine late in1967 and relocated to Paris where he eventually formed Gong, who are regarded by many as the greatest psychedelic band ever and were the first band signed to Virgin Records after Mike Oldfield.

The existence of University of Errors is a fluke. There was never an intention of starting a band, it seems like “fate” decreed that Daevid needed a new band based in the US. It was formed out of a jam session arranged as a way to pass a Saturday night in San Francisco.The chemistry of the musicians and the music they made gave birth to the band.

The core line up of the band has always been Daevid, guitarist Josh Pollock and bassist Michael Clare. Warren Huegel joined in 2002 for the European tour and he remains to this day providing an amazing unihibited youthful energy of crazy beautiful drumming.

The music of University of Errors is very much rock with influences from psychedelic and space to punk and jazz. A multi-generational band, the musicians range in age from 30 to 70 and each brings the influences of his generation to the overall sound making for a very unique band.

What has been written recently:

“This season the group is basing its repertoire on the demo
sessions of the Soft Machine, recordings that count amongst the blueprints of
musical psychedelia. Daevid Allen played on the originals and now, in a spirit
of high good humour and with tongue firmly in cheek, transforms them into a
vibrant post-punk power-pop that explodes at the seams with invigorating
positive energy. Josh Pollock’s guitar in this set is so preposterously
over-the-edge and madly creative that one has little choice but to laugh out
loud, be swept along in the dance, and allow that this is that very rare
instance where the tribute indeed tops the original.” —Steve Lake

“This is great stuff. And, it’s a special
joy to have decades of familiarity with the songs
themselves while finding them infused with new life,
lyrics, and depth. It’s like the songs have both
grown and breathed better than ever.” – Rick Chafen

“Just got the Jet Propelled Photographs. I like it. Good energetic
versions of
the songs and Daevid is singing well.” – Hugh Hopper

“Thanks for the University of Errors. Great BAND! – please congratulate Josh
P. and all the lads!” -Robert Wyatt

“These guys simply rock ! " – Aymeric Leroy

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