Hagekonsert med LAKE (K records/US) + Dj Ingebling

Dette er bandet som har lagd yndlingsplata til bookingansvarlig på Spasibar i år, “Oh, the places we go”. Den syntes K records også var bra, bandet fikk kontrakt med dem i mai.

LAKE er Eli, Ashley, Lindsay, Andrew og Mark
Alle lager de fin musikk på egenhånd, sammen er de LAKE.

LAKE is a pop collective from Olympia, Washington. They have served as
the live backing band for artists such as Half-Handed Cloud (Asthmatic
Kitty), Laura Veirs (Nonesuch) and Karl Blau (K Records), but LAKE’s
own songs and performances are where this co-ed crew truly shines.
LAKE has a number of excellent songwriters whose solo work could hold
its own; working together they simply overload the senses (in a good
way). Currently working on their debut album with producer Tucker
Martine (the Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens), LAKE wistfully flirts with
the “experimental” but never, ever sacrifices the melody. And oh, the

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