AATMAA/Animal Machine, Audun Eriksen, The S.U.N.C.D. Project & Torstein Wjiik.

It’s winter, and Animal Machine, Audun Eriksen, Swamps Up Nostrils and Torstein Wjiik hits the road/rails/air to give Europe some kick ass shows, and today it all starts in Oslo, at Sound Of Mu. TOUR KICK-OFF!

Animal Machine (AATMAA/Animal Machine)
After several tries forming a band and never finding the right people,
he started a noise music unit in 2006. In the begining basically influenced by gabber and industrial noise. The search never ends…
Will play as AATMAA/Animal Machine at Sound Of Mu, and will only play in Oslo, Vienna and Barcelona together with the rest. He’s also playing in Budapest on the 24th.

Animal Machine

Audun Eriksen
Audun performs the piece “Circuitbent presidents orchestra”. This piece
was made for an art gallery in Bergen by Jørgen Larsson, and was
performed the first time by Audun Eriksen and John Hegre. Appearances by
George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Al- Sahaf and others.The sound from
politician dolls are modulated by flesh (current passed through the body
of the performer) lightpulses run from microcontrollers, mouth cavity
resonance (sound passed through the mouth of the performer and then
amplified), graphite/pencil strokes, and other techniques.
Audun Eriksen builds musical instruments from recycled materials. Both
acoustic and electronic. Making experimental musical and theatrical
projects using these instruments and various technology. Works with
acoustical musical inventions, microcontrollers, electronics and software.

Audun Eriksen

Swamps Up Nostrils (The S.U.N.C.D. Project)
Swamps Up Nostrils will present a surprise package of electronic mayhem, utilizing a laptop with vasiour software, much of it self-made instruments programmed in Pure Data (an open source programming environment for audio and video) and perhaps some external sound sources depending on what fits in the luggage or can be found along the way. Anything from abrasive beats to delicate and strange sound textures can be expected.
At Sound Of Mu, S.U.N. will play with his friend Cadmium Dunkel (C.D) and together they’re “The S.U.N.C.D. Project”.


Torstein Wjiik
Torstein Wjiik is an experimental project started by Kjetil Hanssen, October 2005, focusing on new and old ways of making sounds. Torstein Wjiik is based on ideas and putting them to life, and live it’s all about controlling sounds in real time. The sounds are formed there and then, so don’t expect anything. Since he started “Torstein Wjiik”, Kjetil has managed to build a solo-release catalogue on nearly 30 releases, a bunch of split-releases, contributing to many compilations, started a couple of side-projects both solo and with friends, and he also runs the label Ambolthue Records and the sublabel Tape Rape Records. This guy has no other intentions that to do what he loves, and that’s making music come to life. Join mr.Wjiik into his world of exploration of sounds. “Maybe we together can discover something new? Or maybe not!?”.

Torstein Wjiik

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