Dans for voksnes super ultra North of everything project

Da står Svalbard for tur.

Til dette prosjektet har vi samlet et knippe av verdens fremste improvisasjonsmusikerne. I tillegg lager performancegruppa Baktruppen en ny produksjon på stedet, og Kristian Vester aka Goodiepal gjør en forestilling basert på lyd generert av nordlys.

Anla Courtis (Arg)
Baktruppen (N)
Barentsburgs balalaikaorkester (RU/UKR)
Barentsburgs dansetrupp (RU/UKR)
DJ Volodja (N)

Goodiepal (DK)
Ingrid Koslung (N)

Jaap Blonk (NL)
John Hegre (N)
Kaffe Matthews (UK)
Roger Turner (UK)

Zweizz (N)

Vi tar musikerne på en reise med scooter til den forlatte gruvebyen Pyramiden, der de spiller alene. Videre til Barentsburg der det holdes enslags festival. Det lokale balalaikaorkestret og folkedansgruppa er med, i tillegg til at de nokså isolerte innbyggerne viser hobbyprosjektene sine: Fluebinding, amatørradio osv.

Svalbards natur er ekstrem både i estetisk og fysisk forstand. Reisen til Pyramiden går med snøscooter gjennom ett av verdens vakreste, men også mest ugjestmilde landskap. Avhengigheten både av andre og av teknologien blir veldig tydelig: Våpen og scooter til å stole på, bekledning til minus 50º. Alt virker veldig primært. Bare det å reise hit fortoner seg som å bryte en grense. Det er i stor grad det både Svalbard og dette prosjektet dreier seg om.

Hele polarhistorien blir tydelig tilstedeværende her. Idéen om å finne nytt land og nye veier. Om ekspansjon og utvikling. Som oppdagerne, og som dagens forskere, vil musikerne vi tar med oss på sin måte gå utenfor grensene av det kjente. Vi seer på parallellene og spør både dem og oss selv hva denne settingen har å si for betydningen av det vi driver med, og om det direkte eller indirekte påvirker det musikalske.

Møtet med en fremmed kultur går også over en grense. I Barentsburg møter den individualistiske, eksperimentelle kulturen en mer kollektiv, tradisjonell. Språkbarrieren er massiv. Hvordan likevel skape et møte med gjensidig åpenhet? Vil refleksjonen over grunnlaget for det man gjør føre til en annen måte å formidle det på? Eller en annen holdning å formidle det med?

Baktruppen (N) gjør en ny produksjon til dette prosjektet, i tillegg til å vise sin siste, med Baktruppens lettmetallband, som handler om økonomi og grenser.

Baktruppen is based in Bergen and were established in 1986 and is one of the most famous and scandalous “new wave” Norwegian theatre groups: Their performances are philosophical happenings, actions, where the performance place is just as important as the unlinear “story” which they tell the audience. Baktruppen has been called «the founders of ambient theatre» and «the founders of party performance». Over 20 years they have produced a diverse range of performances ranging from interpretations of the plays of Heiner Muller and Ibsen to a dance piece based on Merce Cunningham’s choreography. All Baktruppen’s work is collaboratively developed and is driven by a desire for experimentation as a well as a chaotic sense of the absurd.

Jaap Blonk (NL) is a self taught composer and revered sound poet, using his voice as an instrument to explore hybrids of music, language and noise. Inspired by the early vocal experiments of the Dadaist and Surrealist (whose work he often performs) Blonk’s ongoing quest for new sound combinations and word forms has become uniquely his own. Live, Blonk has a powerful stage presence and an uninhibited freedom in improvisation. Born in Woerden, Holland in 1953, he has performed his exuberant and extreme vocal gymnastics worldwide, collaborating extensively.

Alan Courtis (Arg) (aka Anla Courtis, Alna Courtis, etc) is not only a figurehead within the Argentinian underground scene, but also often appears in the international spotlights. His CV shows endless summaries of releases and collaborations with a.o. Lee Ranaldo, Damo Suzuki or Francisco Lopez. Courtis was the co-founder of the sadly defunct Reynols, maybe the finest example of true outsider-music in recent years. Reynols did more than 100 releases on labels from USA, Europe, Japan & NZ, including conceptual projects like: “10.000 Chicken Symphony”, “Blank Tapes”, “Whistling Kettle Quartet”. Courtis has also released more than one hundred solo releases and collaborations on labels like: Tonschacht (Germany), Blossoming Noise (USA), Antifrost (Greece), RRR (USA), Celebrate Psi Phenomenon (New Zealand), 267 Lattajjaa (Finland), Monopolka (Russia) etc etc. Courtis studied classical guitar, piano and composition but first and foremost excels as an electro-acoustic improvisor.

Roger Turner (UK) followed a path previously explored by groundbreaking musicians such as Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, and Evan Parker. Applauded for his precision and speed, Turner, since entering the London improvising scene in the 1970s, has likewise achieved legendary status across Europe. Whether touring and recording under the name Konk Pack- a trio formed with Thomas Lehn and Tim Hodgkinson in the late 1990s- or working solo, in duos, and in other groups, Turner maintains an open mind about drumming techniques. He possesses a varied collection of percussion instruments, many of which are not generally associated with making music.
Collaborations with film-makers and image projection include work with Martin Klapper & Chikako Oyama and music for dance includes work with Alexander Frangenheim’s concepts of doing (Stuttgart); Matthew Hawkins Company (London); Carlos Zingaro’s Encontros projects (Lisbon & Macau, China).

Ingrid Koslung (N) is an artist currently based in Malmö (Sweden), and New
York. She works in different media, but an element of performance is
always present. Much of Koslung’s work deals directly with the body,
and the physical movements of people within space. Questions of power
and social and political engagement provide an underlying basis. Some
works are purely performative, whereas others are based on
documentation from performative actions, utilizing drawing, writing,
photography, sound and video.

John Hegre (N) er mest kjent som halvparten av duoen Jazkamer, men står bra på egne bein. Festivalkomponist ved forårets Borealis-festival og gitarist i Noxagt. Har samarbeidet eller spilt med de fleste støyartister det er verd å snakke om internasjonalt, og også en imponerende rekke friimprovmusikere. Han er dessuten hjernen bak Kaptein Kaliber, Golden Serenades, Metal Music Machine.

Goodiepal (DK) is Kristian Vester, an enigmatic producer from Denmark, now living in London. Vester established his reputation with a string of 7"s, EPs and split releases, most of them self-published picture disks in a style dubbed as post-digital folk. His music incorporates elements of European folk with acoustic instruments, videogame soundtracks, phone sounds, and IDM. His divergent interests in electronic production and romantic, acoustic folk music come together in an eclectic and original sound informed by place and context.
When only sixteen Vester started releasing tracks as Goodiepal on small labels. He later worked as sound designer for companies such as Nokia, Carlsberg, Hitachi and Bang and Olufsen, scoring adverts and sound logos which he then released as ‘dub’ version 7”s complete with company logo graphics.
His use of corporate material led to many questions about his intentions, “Was this a critique? Was this sabotage? Was this a way to take back something that he didn’t want to let get away? Was it just a theatrical gesture?” asked the jury of the prestigious Ars Electronica award when granting him an honorary mention in 2002.

Kaffe Matthews (UK) has been making and performing new electro-acoustic music since 1990. She is acknowledged as a leading figure and pioneer in the field of electronic improvisation and live composition making on average 50 performances a year worldwide.
Kaffe has become known for making site-specific sound works live, playing in the dark in the middle of the space, the audience surrounding her, the sounds moving around them. She uses self-designed software matrices through which she pulls, pushes and reprocesses sounds live, using microphones, a theremin, and feedback within the space; the site then becoming her instrument.
It is this practice that she has shifted to sonic furniture building, with Sonic Bed_London (Distinction ,Prix Ars Electronica,2006) and the Worldwide Bed project being a central pin in this ongoing project.

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