14.00 A potato talk, walk, super market drifting that maybe ends with a planting session
hosted by Åsa Sonjasdotter with special guest Anne Karin Jortveit.
We start at UKS at 14.00 Sunday, and we will be back again ca 17.00.
You can also meet up with us at Kunstnernes Hus by 15.00.


17.00 Trine Falch lager mat, serveres kl 20.00 (gratis!)

18.00 – 24.00 Screening of the Nouvelle Vague Soap Le PingPong d’Amour

*All 3 seasons – all 16 episodes

Introduced by Nicolas Siepen*

Le PingPong d’Amour I: La Commune (WG)

episode 1: Style – le style
episode 2: Work – le travail
episode 3: Money – l’argent
episode 4: Love – l’amour

Le Pingpong d’Amour 1 – La Commune (WG)
The preceding first four episodes: Style : Work : Money : Love

WohnGemeinschaft = flat-sharing community – Friends sharing a flat between subsistence and/ le subjonctif/: “Il faut un jour que vous viviez de votre travail”. But how to find a balance between life and work and yet punctually transfer the rent to the landlord? The flat became the site of rather unusual measures of job-creation and other complications – in issues of love, friendship and good style. The efforts to accomplish a secure existence all happened behind the closed doors, in reckless home-working. The passage of time was as static as the camera. Moving out of each other’s way and coming together again, only to stay — more or less the same. “Au revoir à Paris”!

Le PingPong d’Amour II-III: Ideological State Apparatus (ISA)

episode 5: The Arrival//
episode 6: The Recuperation
episode 7: The Lovely Day
episode 8: The Disolution
episode 9: The Return Call

Le PingPong d’Amour 2 – Ideological State Apparatus (ISA)

“Salut Paris”!
After loosing each other from sight for a while, the tenants pick up again on the cover-version of their old lives – yet under different circumstances. Richer in experience and most of them financially, they actualize a brand new outline: living in a museum. And: living in Paris. The city comes into play. City as a filmed replica of itself — once again captured and conjured. One stays in good neighborhoods and hangs around in cafes of a European capital rich in traditions, as they tend to be. The suburbs never come into sight. The funeral of an old acquaintance offers an opportunity to leave the city behind. The ceremony takes place on a volcanic island, whose peculiar petrified forms and magnetic fields do not fall short of affecting the distorted city dwellers. The insular conditions and the contamination with the idea of death bring about personal conflicts. Partly due to political changes in Paris the group moves back — yet without regaining common ground. It turns out that the joint venture of free and jolly living accumulated questionable individual workings inconsistent with the project itself. The renounced sway of power relations returns in individually internalized forms: a disturbing displacement and the very last trick of Power. After the utopia of virtuous living in a community initially seen as subversive melts away in futility, the group moves on to the process of separation — and political engagement.

Le PingPong d’Amour III: The Mission (post colonial)

episode 10: Perils of Pauline: The Making of a Remake
episode 11: Tiny Difference – La Petite Différence
episode 12: The Elevator Curator
episode 13: Prisoner of Love
episode 14: Enter the Dragon
episode 15: Crossing the Mangrove – Traversée de la Mangrove
episode 16: Into the light

Le PingPong d’Amour 3 – M – The Mission (post-colonial)

The tenants have reached a junction, and the mission that they have appointed themselves with could be summed up as follows: reach the World. No longer take note only of oneself but experience the World. The calling is for everyone one and the same, and yet the goals are very different. After entering the huge sci-fi elevator at the end of the ninth episode, small groups get launched to diverse places: Cameroon, Togo, Istanbul, Damask and Guadeloupe.

Åsa and Nixie Day er en del av Kunstakademiet i Tromsøs presentasjon på UKS, fullstendig program kan leses her.

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