AK Dolven - Change My Way of Seeing part II

A K Dolven

change my way of seeing

Part II: Galleri MGM, February 10, 2011 – February 26, 2011
Opening Thursday February 10, 7 – 9 pm

A K Dolven’s new show at MGM is an open process, which investigates the psycho-aesthetic effects of passing time and changing points of view on the apparatus of perception. This artistic interest is mirrored in the dramaturgy of the show itself: Two weeks after the initial opening 20 January, Dolven will this week present her artistic take on the relativity of time, attitude, space and perception in a sequel to part I.

Part I – change my way of seeing is successfully completed.


Part II – change my way of seeing

Time has passed, and the memories of experiencing change my way of seeing, part I will flavour the viewer’s mental disposition during the visit of part II. 140 oil paintings will be on location change my way of seeing part II.

The surface of the rectangles is enlivened by visible traces of the artist’s work: Starting from a cold metal sheet Dolven has applied layers of gesso, before cadmium orange is carefully worked into the white classical oil paint, stating the final decision of the artist. The warm tone of the colour interacts with the cold metal, thus evoking the hue of human skin. While applying the colours with a pallet-knife, Dolven is using her body pressure to shape the texture of the surface, and this act attributes a strong physical atmosphere to the paintings – both, in the creative process and in their reception.

Despite the unobtrusiveness in subject matter, colour and size, the absence of an identifiable motif and the laptop-cover-format of these floating, hazy whites and shades of the colour grey draw the onlooker to the paintings as to a screen. They are environments for the mind, openly suggestive: oil paintings for travellers. (A genre Dolven has worked in before).

Individually or together, these works breathe and move and look back at the viewer. Their atmosphere is evanescent, and it changes slightly from one day to the next, subtly echoing the mood of that particular day, of its ever changing light, and, of course, of the never stable state of the viewer’s mind.

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Next exhibition: Issa Saliander, March 3, 2011

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A K Dolven, change my way of seeing # 3, 20 × 40 cm, oil on aluminium, 2011

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