SPLIT SHOW: Axe It Here // Chopping Wood for the Common Good? Callum Hill / Gabriel Johann Kvendseth - Solokonsert med Kjetil Møster på åpningen

Axe It Here // Chopping Wood for the Common Good?

Callum Hill / Gabriel Johann Kvendseth
@ PREMISS 4th – 6th November 2011

Opening Friday November 4th @ 20:00
Also open Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th 12:00 – 18:00

At the opening:

Performance by Gabriel Johann Kvendseth at 21:30
Solo concert with Kjetil Møster at 22:00


Gabriel Johann Kvendseth

A situation for the contemporary, leisurely minded, wood chopping Man, trying to make us feel bad with his misunderstood sense of moral superiority. It´s all plain fun and good game until the notion of sustainabilty limits this masculist frivolous pastime. This is paying for playing and not working for the salt of the earth.
It is comparing his biceps to his triceps, his pec´s to his abdominus rex, and how the tonus of his gluteus maximus will improve his chances for casual sex. Moving the axe along the arch in a perfect flex. The wild nature, sacred temple of birth, death and transformation, controlled and confined in this prison he is trying to master for himself. Trying to tame the chain (in vain) is no way to stay sane.


Callum Hill

There is nothing that we can see today that really hinders us from doing anything with the environment, including if we wish destroying it completely for all time.

Questioning the human relationship to environment, against the evasive frontier of modern times, the work WE WILL COUGH BLOOD ON THE MOON SOON is a testimony to such notions. Understanding our morality in a virtual era, the moving image, it seems, becomes an instigator of allusion to our physical being. The work attempts to understand the journey through technology, which is carrying us further away from the real nature of human life.


Kjetil Møster’s musical span is long and crooked. After studying accordeon as a kid, his stage debut was as a thrash/hardcore bass player on the scenes of Bergen, Norway as a 14-year old in 1990. His parallell saxophone playing made him discover John Coltrane a few years later, which brought him to jazz studies at the conservatory in Trondheim, focusing mainly on modal and free jazz, and free improvised music.
Participating in a number of relatively succesful jazz and experimental bands the following years, such as Ultralyd, Zanussi Five and The Core, Møster was nominated for the ”jazz talent of the year”-award in 2006, given by IAJE and IJFO, and won. He also did a large number of ad hoc projects with such musicians as Jon Christensen, Paal Nilssen-Love, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Michael Duch, Maja Ratkje, Andrew D’Angelo, Jim Black and so on.
However, his split musical personality had kept him playing with glam rockers King Midas for years, and now turnng more and more into a permanent member of electro rock band DATAROCK, Møster chose to focus on the latter full time from 2007 until recently.
His recent solo album on Bjørnar Habbestad’s record label +3dB, ’Blowjob’ is an album stripped of glamour, fancy artistery or advanced studio techniques; it’s an acoustic solo tenor saxophone album presenting a snapshot of a musician with many feet in many musical camps, trying to find a basic expression from the lowest common denominator of these.


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