FEED NOISE II --- A concert evening with Kim Myhr, Ivar Grydeland, Martin Langlie and Anders Hana


0047 is pleased to invite you to Feed Noise II – the second of concert evenings curated by Kim Myhr (Fri Resonans / SOFA) for 0047.

With performances by Kim Myhr + Ivar Grydeland + Martin Langlie and Anders Hana + Ivar Grydeland

About the artists
Kim Myhr / Ivar Grydeland / Martin Langlie
Feed Noise II will be the premiere of a new trio formed by musicians with a long record of interesting and subversive music. The band plays long and slowly developing improvisations that stretch from flurries of folk to industrial noise.

Etter Rubicon (Anders Hana + Ivar Grydeland)
The guitarists Anders Hana and Ivar Grydeland is known for their work with groups such as MoHa!, Ultralyd, Huntsville, Dans les arbres and Hanne Hukkelberg. In this new project they are working with compositions inspired by Howard Shore’s scores to the movie Crash and Wind Harp’s Song from the Hill.

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