Marhaug Forlag presents: PERSONAL BEST

New fanzine for Noise, Music and Beyond.
After 20 years as a noise musician, free music improvisor, composer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, record label honcho, concert organizer, sometimes-writer, book/record collector and music enthusiast I decided starting my own publishing enterprise, shamelessly named Marhaug Forlag. I’ve grown increasingly tired of seeing interesting material only available in digital form; annoying to read on the screen, tediously presented and often disappearing into the digital void never to be read again. I like books. I like fanzines. I like paper. I’m a collector. Time to do something myself.

My first publication on Marhaug Forlag was the Sudden Infant – Noise In My Head, a 160 page hardbound book about the Swiss noise/performance artist Joke Lanz.
Now the first issue of my fanzine Personal Best is ready. 90 pages of in-depth interviews/conversations with fellow musicians and artists in the field of esoteric underground music and arts. The interviews are presented in raw form, with minimal editing. Issue 1 has interviews with Oren Ambarchi, Zweizz, Arcn Templ, Daniel Menche, Umpio, Keränen, C. Spencer Yeh, Very Friendly, Bruce Russell, Sete Star Sept, Chulki Hong, Sissy Spacek and Gold Soundz.

I have plans for further issues of Personal Best as well as numerous other book/print projects in the future.

A launch party for Personal Best will be at the Torpedo book store in Oslo on December 8th, with live performances of Zweizz (from Ytre Enebakk) and The Observatory (from Singapore, featuring members of Arcn Templ) at 20:00. I’ll also say a few words. Please drop by if you’re in the area.

Lasse Marhaug
November 2011

Marhaug Forlag
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