Open Forum Exhibition: 13 Years Of Archive

Open Forum (Åpent Forum) : The Exhibition
22 nd March – 4th April

Open Forum is a student organized activity, consisting of a series of lectures, presentations, performances and conversations with artists, curators, theorists, authors, musicians etc. initiated and arranged by the Kunstakademiet i Oslo since 1999.
The casual and laid back character of this project creates a unique environment for the meeting point for students, faculty and a general audience with an international art sphere. Because this setting has been profoundly fertile for the academy, we would like to reflect it in the exhibition. Therefore, it will have an open and informal feel to it, rather than to present an empirical take on the archive.
Open Forum usually takes place at the Academy’s auditorium, mainly held in English and open for a general public. The lectures are recorded and archived. After visiting the archives at the library of Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, we have decided that it was an opportune moment to make this knowledge visible and accessible. This is in line with our goal to have the complete archive online and within reach for everyone on the internet.

We would like to organize and curate the official exhibition of Open Forum and offer to the audience who have been following Open Forum for many years, another approach to these conferences, performances, lectures and conversations.

Through our research into these archives we have found an extraordinary amount of distinguished guests from the international and national artistic scene have participated, which has made Open Forum a central platform in the art milieu of Oslo. Among them are Martin Creed, Kenneth Goldsmith, Martha Rosler, Marta Kuzma, Chto Delat, Miguel Guttierez, Goodiepal, Annika Larsson, Masaki Fujihata, Walid Raad, Johanna Billing, Lotte Konow Lund, Leif Elggren, Luc Courchesne, Robert Pfaller, Nickas Robbert, Christina Kubisch, Joan Jonas and so many others.

We will highlight the pedagogical format and the historical character of this initiative, and this will be the guiding line for the exhibition. We intend to have a program of several projections from the archive every day, selected by the Open Forum Team. In addition to the archives, a reading area will give access to several books, texts and documents.
During this period, the exhibition will also host several open forum sessions, and add to the archive.
It will take place at the Steenstrups gate Gallery of the Art Academy from the 22nd of March to the 4th of April.

For more information about this project, please contact the board of Open Forum at this address:

The Open Forum Team is: Hanan Benammar and Tiago Bom


26/03 12:00: Johanna Billing
15:00: Martin Creed

27/03 12:00: Tacita Dean
15:00: Hamish Fulton

28/03 12:00: Kenneth Goldsmith
15:00: Christina Kubisch

29/03 12:00: Mike Nelson
15:00: Hans-Ulrich Obrist

30/03 12:00: Robert Pfaller
15:00: Walid Raad

02/04 12:00: Jon Refsdal Moe
15:00: Rirkrit Tiravanija

03/04 12:00: Alfredo Jaar
15:00: Marjetica Potrc

04/04 12:00: Jan Verwoert
15:00: Franz Ackermann


19/03 19:00 Holger Bech Nielsen – Kunstakademiet auditorium

21/03 18:00 Opening of THE ABYSS – CITIES IN DECLINE, Norsk Form – DogA

22/03 18:00 Jan Jörnmark, in collaboration with Norsk Form – Steenstrupsgate Gallery

22/03 20:00 Opening of the Open Forum Exhibition:13 YEARS OF ARCHIVE – Steenstrupsgate Gallery

23/03 13:00-16:00 The End Of Education As We Know It:
Readings for Artworkers, Special Edition, Oslo Art Academy: Art and Work, or Why are Artists Poor?

19:00-20:30 + drinks Why are ‘independent’ curators dependent? The critique of curatorial apparatus in late capitalism

26/03 19:00 Per Platou – Steenstrupsgate Gallery

29/03 18:00 Poetry Evening with Kristin Berget, Torgeir Schjerven , Ole-Petter Arnberg, Tamir Samandbadraa Purev, Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot, Guttorm Andreasen and more…

02/04 19:00 Gertrud Sandqvist – Steenstrupsgate Gallery

11/04 19:00 NON GRATA – Kunstakademiet auditorium