collection in black n white

Gallery Maria Veie proudly presents the second solo exhibition by Christina Leithe H. ‘collection in black n white’ is a work consisting of 255 photographs. The work is presented as a collection of small images gathered and filed as an archive. A selection of two photographs are enlarged and presented in the gallery space as single objects.

´collection in black n white´ is a reading of one year in pictures, recorded to remember. The collection tells a story about a journey described through distant landscapes.

Leithe often uses the tradition of documentation to establish a fictive narration. In this serie a fictional storyteller emerges, with a language that appears in the process of editing the collection.

”I am addressing the subject of melancholia, examining this phenomenon in the context of self-awareness. From the point of view of someone who perceives the sense of self as a crucial pursuit, and a nearly unattainable goal. I am questioning the idea of love for lost identity, through lost attachments.”

Christina Leithe H. (b. 1978, based in Oslo, Norway) graduated with MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Lund University. Leithe works with photography and video. In addition, she has since 2009 been co-editor of Spesial Nord, a Nordic art magazine.

Supported by Vederlagsfondet

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