Why are ‘independent’ curators dependent? The critique of curatorial apparatus in late capitalism. Open Forum presentation by Kuba Szreder

Why are ‘independent’ curators dependent? The critique of curatorial apparatus in late capitalism
Open Forum presentation by Kuba Szreder
19:00-20:30 + drinks

My current research focuses on scrutinizing the social and economic contingencies of the
freelance, ‘independent’ curatorial practice. I am trying to critically approach a ‘project making’ as
the prevalent mode of contemporary cultural production, adopted equally by curators and artists.
We, the freelancers, usually begin to organize project to free ourselves from disciplinary regimes of
art institutions or commercial pursuits of art market. But, after a while, we find ourselves entangled
in possibly a bit more subtle, but definitely not less efficient, distributed networks of power and
administrative control. In my presentation I will try to sketch various aspects of ‘project making’,
such as ‘grant art’, short-termism, lack of disposable time, competitive networking, entrepreneurial
socializing, self-precarization, administration of aesthetics. Last but not least I will ask if and how
it is possible to resist these tendencies. My presentation will refer to my practical experiences as a
freelance curator.

Kuba Szreder – graduate at the sociology department of Jagiellonian University (Krakow). He works
as a curator of interdisciplinary projects, which actively engage in public sphere, combine artistic
practices with other formats of cultural production and critical examination of contemporary society.
He is an initiator and a member of the research board of Free / Slow University of Warsaw. As part
of his curatorial practice he organizes research projects, seminars and conferences, writes articles
and edits publications which coalesce critical reflection with art theory and sociological analysis of
contemporary art field. In Fall 2009 he started his PhD research at Loughborough University School
of the Arts about the development of a contemporary curatorial technique, challenging the art
apparatus in late capitalism.

KHiO/ Kunstakademiet
Steenstrups gate Gallery of the Art Academy
Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka Oslo

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