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Insane Garage Mayhem from Italy – The Barbacans are coming for a special show in Oslo this January!!

PsychWard Club proudly presents one of the best Fuzz & Farfisa Garage bands around!!! They are the 21st century perfect blend of The Seeds, Lyres, Morlocks, Chocolate Watch Band, Blues Magoos!!

he Barbacans started out in 2006 playin in a very little room. They were five. Then they became four.They are playin in a very large room.
2008 marks the debut for The Barbacans, a garage band from central Italy, characterized by powerful Garage sounds, 60s riffs, Fuzz and Farfisa. The Barbacans are: Joe Carnarelli – Voice and Farfisa, Il Sindaco – drums and screams, Walker – guitar, and Psych Guescio – bass. Since September 2007, The Barbacans participate in several music festivals and perform in some of the biggest Italian clubs, sharing the stage with legendary groups such as The Morlocks,The Trashmen and The Seeds. Produced by Boss Hoss Records Italy, The Barbacans then recorded their first single on 7" vinyl, distributed internationally by Godown Records, and featuring two songs clearly stating their intentions. In December 2008 their first video “Phantom Opera” is released, produced by Pamela Bursi and directed by Andrea Giomaro, and available online. In January 2009 The Barbacans record their first LP “God save the Fuzz” at the famous Circo Perrotti Studio in Gijon, Spain. The album has been released in April 2009 in Italy, Europe, Usa and Canada, produced by Boss Hoss Records Italy and distributed internationally by Godown Records, earning positive replies. During a concert in Urbino an ex police man called G.S. shoot with his rifle on the band hurting Primitive Guescio and Carnarelli. They participated at Festival Beat 2009 in Salsomaggiore and toured Spain in October of the same year. For the 2010 other concerts around Europe in autumn and they’ll partecipate at a new 7" super compilation with Thee Vicars(UK), Los Peyotes (Argentina) and Los Explosivos (Mexico)called “The Wildest Things in the World” (cover by Wild Evel – Incredible Staggers!) produced by Bosshoss Records Italy, distributed by Area Pirata.

100.- admittance

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