Raw Food - Gourmet tapas- cooking class

RAW Food Cooking class at Kampen.
For those who want to create something more unusual, this workshop will teach some more advanced concepts in Raw Food and in chefing. Made larger, each tapa can be served as a meal in its own right.

We are absolutely passionate about food that is exciting, tasty and truly good for us and the world we live in. Using ecological and plant-based ingredients, we create food that challenges conventional beliefs about ‘healthy food’ and transforms people’s beliefs about what they do and don’t like.

Comida Viva – A Real Food Experience (www.comida-viva.com) About Pablo and RAchel giving the classes; Comida Viva is Pablo Castellanos, who has spent more than a decade working in top European and Argentinean restaurants, and Rachel Winthrop, who has had a successful career in health, rehabilitation and social policy. We work with people seeking to get more out of life through food and nutrition. Our services include workshops, private classes, private chefing, personal coaching, chef-at-home services, restaurant consultancy, wellbeing retreats and public presentations.

Place; Kampen Nordrehovgt. 11B

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