Square meters per hour with: BBB Johannes Deimling

Art is a territory by itself, moving and expanding in many directions… If we understand how to strengthen this sense of polyterritoriality in art, we open a fruitful and intense dialogue with art forms, artistic articulations and as well other non-artistic areas, to set another landmark which belongs to us, as individual travelers and sailors.

With the guidance and direction of the facilitators, participants will use a variety of techniques and exercises to focus perception of one’s own personality, develop skills to communicate with the body, and transform ideas into a performative work.

. 2 – 8 September at Torshovloftet – Oslo
. Price: 1.700 NOK.
. Deadline for applications: 23th of August 2013
. Registrations before 1st of August: 1.500 NOK
. Teaching language is English
. Open for art students, young and professional artists and all other people who are interested in Performance Art regardless age. The level of experience isn’t a criteria for to participate.

Full info: actspractices.com/labs-work…

A collaboration with PAS: pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de

ACTS – laboratory for performance practices

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