Nadja Bournonville - What's my line?

Nadja Bournonville is a photographer from Sweden based in Berlin. Her current project focuses on sight and our reception of that which we see or fail to recognize, the limitations of perception, for example distortion and optical illusions, how the eye reacts and what gets lost or gained in the connection between the eyes and the brain. She makes use of mistakes, exposure faults, collages and slips of the mind. In this exhibition she will show new work consisting of two collages, one photograph and a found-footage film.

Bournonville studied Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art and the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. She has received several scholarships and her work has featured in exhibitions in Europe and the USA. Her latest book “A Conversion Act” is available through Fotohof publishers in Austria. Bournonville is represented by Pierogi Gallery, New York and Anna Thulin Gallery, Stockholm.

Opening Reception: Friday 30. August 7-11 p.m.

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