"on being and being seen" - LAB with Xica Lisboa

on being and being seen

LAB with Xica Lisboa

“The human is born prematurely with a very fragile skin, requiring artificial protection of physical and, even more, symbolic nature, as it is symbolically that he proceeds his passage to the individual and social identity. The human is constantly exposed in the two meanings of the term: to the dangers and to the looks.” (excerpt from the book “In Name of The Body”by Nízia Villaça and Fred Góes)

Sharing researches and thematics worked on the process of “In Vitro”, this LAB will step on the contents of perception, presence, identity, acceptance, being, being moved and being seen. Through diverse approaches from ideokinesis/somatic movement, movement research, stage improvisation and practice related writing, the participants will be facilitated and encouraged to research, explore and occupy their personal territory. By alternating diving in one’s own perception, movement and images with sharing and watching moments, and by working on adjustment of in/out attention, they will be invited to investigate also how they relate to the collective territory – with its demands and looks. The focus is to work on the contents through performative and creative work and the performative and creative work through the contents.


7 – 11 October, from 17:00 to 21:00.

Price: 600kr.

Studio: Torshovloftet at Soria Moria- Vogtsgate 64 – Torshov, Oslo.

- Deadline for registrations: 23th of September.

Send a short cv and motivation letter to actspractices@gmail.com

- ACTS offer one grant:
Send a short cv and motivation letter to actspractices@gmail.com

-Open for art students, performers and all interested in body work and creation process, regardless age or experience.

Xica Lisboa (Brazil/Germany) is an independent dance artist and performer graduated in the interdisciplinary studies “Communication of Performing Arts” in Brazil. Xica further focused her training and body-scenic research in dance-theater improvisation, somatic-movement methods and clowning. In Brazil she was co-founder of the dance-theater group Silenciosas, directed by Diogo Granato, where she worked as creator and dancer for five years and got sponsored by the City Hall of São Paulo in 2007. She has worked also in collaboration with Silvia Leblon, Andrea Yonashiro, Celio Amino and Ricardo de Paula. In the last 12 years Xica has conducted labs and classes of dance, body work and improvisation for both stage performers, children and beginners. Since 2010, Xica lives and works between Berlin and São Paulo and she has mostly focused on her own research work. She is currently working on two projects: the choreographic solo “In Vitro” and the collaboration with the video artist Davi Boarato.
The project “In Vitro” was started on the “Kinitiras Choreography Lab 2013” in Athens, Greece.

More info:http://actspractices.wix.com/acts

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