Jone Kvie I 10.10 – 16.11 | ­2013 | Reminiscence | Opening Thursday 10. October I 19:00 - 21:00

OSL contemporary is proud to present our first exhibition with the
sculptor Jone Kvie. The gallery is showing works from the period 2011
- 2013, including the freestanding, monumental piece Stellar Core
(2011), and two new works in bronze, Star Cluster I and Star Cluster
II. It is the first time the works are exhibited in Norway.

From the outset, Kvie’s practise has been marked by an
existentialistic motivation, and by an intention to extend the notion
of art towards contemplation over the world’s being, and what it means
to be human in it. Our relentless attempts at achieving insight into
the universe seem to interest Kvie to the same extent as the “natural
world” in it self. This fascination is reflected in his attention to
visual and verbal interpretations, to archetypes and collective myths,
and finally in his choices of themes, form, materials and titles.
Since 2005 Kvies production has been mainly oriented towards
phenomenon within astronomy, where our imagining capacities are both
liberated by the unfathomable immensity of the universe, and
restricted by our inadequate knowledge about it. Kvie’s sculptures may
be read both as reflections on our attempts to understand, and as
physical manifestations of the ideas that are created in these
attempts. Mental and abstract notions become objects with independent
existence, appearing recognizable as well surprising in their firm
presence. Writing for Kalejdoskop’s upcoming book on Kvie, Jimmie
Durham says:
“What makes Kvie’s work so unexpected and delightful is the
intellectual radical ways in which he re-interprets perceptions of
what is out there in the world and how these things are
communicated….How might someone, for example, show us something
about our own knowledge of cloud nebulae? Our knowledge of our
knowledge? Well, you could make one out of papier-mache.”

Jone Kvie (b. 1971, Stavanger) has exhibited widely at Scandinavian
galleries and museums, including Sørlandets Art Museum,
Kunstnerforbundet (Oslo), Bergen Art Museum, The National Museum
(Oslo), Malmö Art Museum and Göteborgs Museum of Art. He has performed
a range of public and private commissions, and is represented in key
collections including those of Corcoran Museum (Washington DC), AROS
Art Museum (Aarhus), The National Museum (Oslo), The National Public
Arts Council (Stockholm), the Art Museums in Malmô, Bergen and
Stavanger, as well as in a permanent installation at Göteborg Museum
of Art. In November 2013 Kalejdoskop Förlag will publish a new book on
Kvies production in the period 2005-2013. Kvie is also included in
Michael Petry’s " Nature Morte" to be released by Thames & Hudson 14.
October 2013.

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