Sacred Harp singing på Sagene Kulturverksted

Den tar jeg på Engelsk:
Sacred Harp singings are an occasion for people from all backgrounds and all musical capacities to gather, sing and be sung at, and also to have a chat with a cookie & tea in the break, of course.
Sacred Harp is not performance oriented, and therefore you don’t have to sweat to sound amazing, or stress if you can’t make it every time, because we’re not getting any closer to the concert ;-)
On top of that there is no one director, even the melody vs. accompaniment regiment is not so pronounced if at all present, and a culture of pot luck-food and great hospitality is connected to the practice, making many feel instantly at home in this community that now spreads throughout the USA and Europe.

Address: Drøbakkgata 1 (Sagene. Bus 37, 20, 54, 34 m.fl.). Directions when standing with your back to the entrance of Sagene Church: cross the street in front of you. Then on your right hand, right of the little park, you see a café on the corner – on the left of the café a set of stairs go up, take those. The building that you face when going up the second little stairs, is Sagene Kulturverksted, entrance a little to your right. (I’ll hang up a sign!)

Schedule Sunday 10th of november:
14:00 – 15:15 Singing School (explanation about the basics of Sacred Harp and slow studying of a couple of songs)
15:15 – 15:45 break (there’ll be tea & coffee (for voluntary donation), please bring along something to add to the snack-table, anything from home-baked pie to store bought-cookies are warmly welcomed)
15:45 – 17:00 Regular Singing (here we will sing through song after song as fast as we collectively feel comfortable with)

We’ll be singing from the Sacred Harp Songbook (Denson edition). Since most of us don’t have the physical book, and we don’t have a pile of loaners yet, I’ve taken the liberty to select and scan in 15 songs, that should take us through the day. This is of course a temporary solution. PM me to get the files, or to ‘order’ a stack of the copies from another singer (against reimbursement of cost). For the Singing School I have chosen:
107 Russia
277 Antioch
39t Detroit
134 The Christian’s Hope

For the regular singing:
217 Ballstown
481 Novakoski
448t Consecration
448b The Grieved Soul
496 The rock that is higher than I
45 New Britain
270 Confidence
276 Bridgewater
335 Return Again
163b China

Preparation? Whereas you’re also warmly welcome without having prepared yourself, it can really improve your experience if you sit down with this a moment before coming over on Sunday. What to do? Check out for example the beginners guide that you can download on this page:
Listen to the abovementioned songs on Youtube. Take a look at the sheet-music, and see if you can figure out which of the voices suits you best. Then you can make great use of this amazingness that the Bremen group has done:…
If you click on the song, you can play off each (midi-)voice separately. A great way to practice. If you speak German, it’s worth checking out the Bremen website some more, there’s lots of information on there.

Hope to see you Sunday!
Jessica Sligter

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