DJ Kurs 1 - Basics


• Introduction & Demonstration
• Overview of the course and where you will be at the end of the course.

Equipment and Functions

• The Turntable & the functions of the turntable
• The CDJ Player & the functions of the CDJ player
• The Mixer & the functions of the mixer
• The Amplifier & Speakers & the functions of the amplifier and speakers
• How to set up a DJ sound system.
• How to check for problems and “follow the source” problem solving technique.

Music Structure Part I (Beats & Beatmatching)

• The purpose of beatmatching and why we do it.
• How to find the first beat of the bar.
• What is a BPM and how to calculate it.
• The theory of beatmatching
• The technique of matching 2 records together manually
• Beatmatching using the cue and headphones
• Mix your first 2 tunes together for the class


• How to Drop Mix
• How to Cut
• How to Blend
• Basic EQ’ing
• Cueing
• Introduction to Serato Scratch &/or Traktor

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