DJ Kurs 2 - Performance

Music Structure Part II (Bars and Phrasing)

• How dance music is structured. Beats, Bars and Phrases.
• How to spot different structures in tracks.
• Placing your mix.
• Combining beat matching with track placement.
• Cueing in Serato & Traktor

Cutting and Drop Mixing

• Where to place your cuts and drops
• When to use cuts and drops

Know Your Music

• The importance of knowing your music.
• Reading vinyl grooves
• Spotting tunes that work together.
• Putting a set together.
• Create your first set
• Organising your records, CD’s and music files

Hints and Tips Beatmatching

• Hints and Tips on beatmatching
• Different ways to practice the skills of beatmatching

Create Your Own Mix

• How to create your own mix
• How to record your mix
• Give your mix an identity


• Create a mini-set
• Play the mini-set for the class or crowd

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